Farm Tour in Suzaka

This film is a short tour of one of the Kobayashi apple orchards and onion patches near Suzaka in Nagano Prefecture. Narrated and led by Sachiko, it was filmed in January 2012, when the weather was sunny but very cold. Apologies for some of the audible breathing (that was me). This is a raw video, or as the Japanese might say, a law video!

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2 Responses to Farm Tour in Suzaka

  1. Susie says:

    Very cool. It’s nice to see rural Japan, I am so used to seeing concrete oceans when I look at other blogs.

  2. finorgan says:

    Thanks Susie. Travelling in rural Japan is very rewarding – there are so many unique local delicacies to try out, the people are particularly friendly and there are many glimpses of old Japan nestled in the forests and mountains.

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