Fionn Rogan takes a three week trip around Japan with his Rough Guide and Lovely Guide, Sachiko Kobayashi.

Rough Guide

Lovely Guide

Note: This trip was undertaken between April 23rd and May 15th 2011. The blog is being written up afterwards based on journal entries, photographs and the haphazard mechanism of memory, so it’s more emotion recollected in tranquility, than live update.

6 Responses to About

  1. Barry Ahern says:

    After reading Lemon Squeezy Japanesy I have an even deeper appreciation for the history and longevity of the Japanese culture. This first hand account of the western man stepping boldly and blindly in to day to day life in Japan offers an intriguing contrast to the simple things we take for granted. Everything from the “security-less”
    guest accommodation with paper walls to the wonder of the Japanese Alps and Peach trees. I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from the historic qualifications of this funny candid journey through this unusual place. I have never been to Japan but I can honestly say that after reading this piece, I think Japan has just made its way on to my list of places to visit.. now to convince my wife..

  2. Haruko-chan says:

    I have recently decided to become a responsible little blogger, all polite and well-behaved; and have therefore started a blogroll on my site. And you are in it! Check it at http://thejapans.wordpress.com/

    All the best


    • finorgan says:

      Thanks for the link Haruko-chan!

      I’m certain your blog gets more traffic than mine, so this should work out well for me!

      I haven’t published much in the past few months, but now that I’ve submitted my PhD, I’ll have more time to write nostalgically of Japanese-days. Next article is going to be called “I’m going to ninja college!”

  3. minoko says:

    Hi, this is Minoko. I am a Japanese, living in Au.
    I found out your blog from Haruko-chan’s blog “The Japans”
    My blog also talking about Jp culture.
    If you don’t mind, can my blog share with yours?

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