How The Irish Say Bon Voyage

After a morning venture to the Kobayashi peach orchard, the weather changed and it started to rain. We stayed indoors for a while and I caught up on some correspondence. Diarmaid was in China and would be flying over to join us in Tokyo on May 3rd, so I sent him a short email with some details about arriving in Narita airport and where we would be waiting for him. All the other messages in my inbox were the usual mix of well wishes and exhortations to travel safely. Three of these messages stood out for the way they twisted the typical “bon voyage” cry on it’s head, while at the same demonstrating a mischievous understanding of the contemporary situation in Japan:

“Bon voyage mothers f**kers! dont come back with a geiger counter shoved up your ur ass”

“Lads, enjoy ye’r trip…dont eat poor blinky the 3-eyed fish, poor fella”

“Enjoy it sure, have a good un!…u might even come back with a cool superpower!”

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